The FloLogic Automatic Water Shutoff System

Described by Popular Science as “the circuit breaker for your home’s plumbing system,” the FloLogic Systemâ„¢ is an automatic water shutoff system that constantly monitors all water coming into the home and detects any unusual flow. If water flow exceeds a preset limit, the System automatically shuts off the water and sounds an alarm. The System does all of this from a single point in the water main, serving as a first line of defense against water damage.

FloLogic Customer Testimonials

“I have a home in Vail, CO as well as one in Chester County, PA. I became keenly aware of water damage when two of my neighbors in Vail each had over $100,000 in losses each due to water damage. I learned about FloLogic from a Google search on the Internet. I purchased two FloLogic controllers about five year ago. It was one of the best investments I have ever made. In my opinion there is NO other system as inclusive, logical and reliable as FloLogic. You do not have to worry about where the next leak may happen. It covers your entire house. It is simple to operate, simple to program, simple to install. A nice feature is just a push of a button at the control panel, shuts ALL water off in your house. No one needs to try to find the valves etc. It cuts off all the water in case of an emergency.”

Jeff A.,Vail, CO

We had a vacation home in the suburbs of Philadelphia that we visited once every 6 weeks or so. It was a beautiful home with a fully finished basement. Thankfully, we had the FloLogic System installed as soon as we remodeled the home. We returned one time to find the System in alarm and a 75 gallon water heater that had begun to leak from the overflow valve. The damage would have been enormous if the FloLogic System had not shut the water supply off as soon as it detected the hot water heater had called for water, saving us tens thousands of dollars and a world of trouble since the entire basement would have had 10 feet of water in it by the time we would have discovered the leak. We now have it on all of our properties!!

Barry S.,Sarasota, FL